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In 1948 when Brandeis University first opened its doors its library was small and non-competitve with Ivy League universities. A group of eight women undertook to remedy this situation and formed the Brandeis University National Womens Committee (BUNWC). Over the years men have become an increasing part of the membership of BUNWC local chapters. In recognition of this fact in 2008 the organization's name has been changed to simply the Brandeis National Committee (BNC).

Since its inception BNC has grown into a community of some 25,000 members in more than fifty chapters across the country who value their affiliation with, and support of, Brandeis University. Located in Waltham, MA. BNC connects the university to its members and their communities through programs that reflect the ideals of social justice and academic excellence.

As part of the BNC the Los Angeles Chapter (BNCLA) provides financial support for Brandeis University and its libraries. Through its connection with Brandeis, BNC and its individual chapters bring educational and social benefits to members while helping to sustain one of the world's great research universities.


Brandeis Men's Social Group is one of many special interest groups within BNCLA. The Brandeis Men's Social Grouo provides activities for its members, including tours, trips, and special interest groups of particular interest to men. while working to support the aims and ideals of the BNC. A listing of the existing special interest groups can be viewed by clicking the "interest Group" navigation link, above. Members may join together to form other interest groups where sufficient interest exists. One such recent addition is the Torah Study Group.

Overall manabement of the Brandeis Men's Social Group activies is perfromed by a Steering Committee which meets monthly. Officers are elected by the general membership and serve for two years,

Steering Committee
At the present time the Steering Committee is composed of the following members: 
  • Marvin Alperin
  • Randy Barnes
  • Louis Bernstein
  • Robert Bienenfeld
  • Richard Cohn, Chairman
  • Stanlet Epstein
  • Arnold Geffner
  • John Harris, Vice-Chairman
  • Bob Margolis
  • Melvin Miller
  • Jeffrey Penso
  • Gerry Sallus
  • Harold Savinar
  • Bernie Schneier
  • Melvin Small
  • Al Wilner